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SQ Sharks Selection Policy             Junior Representative Timeline                   Head Coach Appointment Guidelines        Head Coach Position Description

Assistant Coach Appointment Guidelines      Assistant Coach Position Description     Manager Appointment Guidelines     Manager Position Description

If you are interested in representing South Queensland Sharks as a Coach, Assistant Coach or Manager at the 2024 National Youth Championships, submit your Expression of Interest by 5pm Friday 1 March 2024.

If you are interested in trialing for a position in the 2024 NYC SQ Sharks campaign for any age group and have not been identified at Gold Coast Cup, please complete the Player Expression of Interest Form by 5pm Sunday 21 April 2024.

If you are unable to attend the Selection Day or any of the TID events (Rounds of the Tri-Series: Gold Coast Cup - 28 April, Arthur Davis Cup - 19 May, Struddy's Shield - 2 June), please complete the Player Dispensation Form.  This form closes on the day before the Struddy's Shield (5pm Saturday 1 June 2024).

The referee selection process is being updated by TFA at the moment.  To ensure EVERYONE interested and available from our region can be considered, please complete the Referee Expression of Interest Form by 5pm Sunday 21 April 2024.

South Queensland Sharks Expectations of Behaviour

All players must sign and return the Player Agreement and Code of Conduct Form to the team Manager. All referees must sign and return the Referee Agreement.  The South Queensland Touch Football Board or its appointed Committee will investigate all breaches of the Player or Referee Agreement and Code of Conduct (“the Agreement”). A breach of the Agreement may result in the immediate suspension of the player or referee from the relevant team and such other penalty as the South Queensland Touch Football Board deems fit.

In consideration of South Queensland Touch Football selecting me in the team mentioned above, I agree that I will:


  • At all times comply with the reasonable and lawful directions and instructions of the Tournament Director, South Queensland Touch Football Staff, Tour Manager, Team Coach and Manager.

  • (If under 18 years of age) not partake of alcohol at any time (including travelling to and from the event)

  • Behave in a proper and orderly manner at all times

  • Be responsible for making good any damage I cause to property and that I may be suspended or removed from the team/tour and suspended from future competitions for a period of time

  • Over 18s: not supply alcohol (directly or otherwise) to a person under 18 years of age

  • Not take and will not supply to any person illegal or prohibited drugs or substances. (Offenders will be handed over to Police)

  • Abide by the law at all times

  • Abide by South Queensland Touch Football Policies, the event Conditions, this agreement, and the policies of QTF/ TFA

  • Comply with the Player’s Code of Behaviour set below



  • Encourage honest and open competition

  • Respect individual differences in people

  • Support innovation and creativity

  • Share failures and celebrate success

  • Share responsibilities and work loads

  • Participate as members of their team to achieve the Team’s goals and objectives

  • Not engage in discriminatory or abusive behaviour (especially when children are involved)

  • Respect the rights and dignity of other participants

  • Not bring the game of Touch in disrepute

  • Play by the Rules at all times

  • Play equally loyal to yourself and your team

  • Exhibit exemplary sportsmanship at all times

  • Enjoy the game by giving your best at all times

  • Co-operate with your Coach, Manager, Team mates and Officials

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