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Sharks Shield Conditions of Entry

The SQ Sharks Shield – Inaugural season 2023


The SQ Sharks representative history boasts connections with the greatest names ever to have been involved with the Sport of Touch Football.  The SQBD Board along with its’ Technical Panel and its’ affiliates have cemented a strong pathway that provides opportunities from under 10’s players through to our over 60’s and beyond.  This is an incredible opportunity for people to participate in a sport for life and when we add in the coaching and refereeing opportunities this pathway provides – what an incredible community we’ve been entrusted with at SQBD.

The Glaring Omission:

We do have a definite gap in our pathway, however.  We have a tremendous Tri-Series for our Juniors to represent their affiliates which leads into a Junior State Cup.  But for our Open and Senior coaches, referees and players, the gap from Affiliated competitions to the QLD State Cup has been something on our radar for some time!

Re-Introducing the Sharks Shield:

Whilst we’ve had a version of the Sharks Shield historically, where affiliates were challenged for their possession of the shield.  We’re pleased to announce a new 2023 Sharks Shield – specifically for our Open players in year 1.  Our long-term vision is for this competition to be open to our Regional Affiliates in the Open and Senior divisions.  We see this as a critical element of our development pathway for referees, coaches and players.

We realise that to get there we’ll need to move incrementally. So, our first step in this direction is to offer the 2023 Sharks Shield as a 6 Team Men’s and 4 Team Women’s Competition.

South Queensland Sharks Representative Pathway:


This will be a 6-week competition hosted across Gold Coast Touch venues.  The dates proposed are:

  • Friday 8 September 2023

  • Friday 15 September 2023

  • Friday 22 September 2023

  • Friday 13 October 2023

  • Friday 20 October 2023

  • Sunday 29 October 2023

Team Compositions:

Affiliate-Based Teams


Palm Beach Touch, Gold Coast Touch and SQBD Touch will be investing in this competitions’ first year, meaning that our players will pay $0 to participate.

Referees will be paid as per a competition of this stature. 


We’re really excited about taking this next step in the development of our SQ Sharks pathway:

You’ll see our link to our EOI forms here below:


Individual: Microsoft Forms

Team: Microsoft Forms


Referee: Microsoft Forms


Coach: Microsoft Forms

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