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CONGRATULATIONS to Harry Taske (Redlands Touch) and Sarah Butwell (Yarrabilba Touch) on being named the 2023 SQBD Youth Ambassadors.  We wish you luck in your endeavours to bring about change via youth voice.

Here is what each have said initially about being apppointed to the role.


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The Youth Ambassador Programme, developed by SQBD, offers young people between the ages of 12 and 20 an avenue to act as agents of change.  There are two key areas requiring youth voice focussed on by this programme: referee and player; and each provides an avenue for representation from Affiliate and Region level.

The “Youth Voice” component of this programme invites anyone interested to apply via the Forms EOI by 5pm Friday 3 March 2023.  All EOI’s will be provided to each respective Affiliate to select their nominee as a representative of the Youth Voice Committee.  Please note that it is possible for an Affiliate to select the same person to represent their Affiliate on behalf of both the player and referee bodies should they see fit.  The Youth Voice group will meet monthly, alternating online and face-to-face to minimise travel.  Meetings will be scheduled as follows (subject to change):

1pm Sunday 7 May 2023 – Face-to-face: SQBD Office (lunch provided)

5pm Sunday 18 June 2023 – Online

2pm Sunday 16 July 2023 – Face-to-face: Redlands Touch

5pm Sunday 20 August 2023 – Online

1pm Sunday 10 September 2023 – Face-to-face: Northern Gold Coast Touch

5pm Sunday 15 October 2023 – Online

1pm Sunday 12 November 2023 – Face-to-face: SQBD Office (lunch provided)

Two (2) Youth Ambassadors will be selected by the SQBD Operational Team from the Youth Voice group: ideally 1 male and 1 female, to represent the Region’s youth members at SQBD Operations Team meetings (monthly).  Both Youth Ambassadors will receive public profiles on the SQBD Website, be involved in discussions with key stakeholders for enacting change and leading youth voice in our sport in our Region.  They will also each receive representative formal attire and be recognised for their efforts and commitment to enhancing youth member experiences publicly wherever deemed fit to do so.


All the positions outlined will be initially held until December 2023, or until a youth member withdraws from their position.  Should a youth member withdraw from their position during their term of office, the Affiliate from which a member has withdrawn may select their own replacement.  In December 2023, EOI applications will open for a new 1-year period, and the selection process will repeat, with new members announced in January 2024.  The Programs Officer within the SQBD Operations Team is responsible for the ongoing management of the SQBD Youth Committee.










Whilst there are key agendas in both the player and referee fields within our sport where we want members to actively have their say in order to best cater for all sectors of our sport, we recognise the need for opportunities for Youth engagement across the Touch Sporting Landscape.  With this in mind, we will be looking at project items for collaboration on.  These could include but are not limited to: building and developing the Sharks Community Framework (see for ideas); Inclusion (TFS All Abilities; Women in Touch); Indigenous (Qld All Nations, NAIDOC, Jimbelungare, Bunburra, Deadly Choices); Schools (SQBD Schools with a Touch Academy or Program); Clubs (SQBD Touch Clubs operating within the Affiliates); Environment (Set Environmental Initiative each year, 1 Annual Beach, Bush or Green Space Initiative); The Art of Giving (Set Charity of Choice each year with 1 annual charity initiative); Help develop the framework for the SQBD Social Media Guidelines (brainstorm framework based off QTF Social Media Guidelines, Platforms, Media Types, Engagement Opportunities, Event Opportunities, Barriers/Conflict Opportunities, Conflict Management, Calendar of Events).

In the pursuit of growth, development, fairness, equity, and fun, SQBD recognises the need for youth voice.  We understand the need to continue to gain wider member engagement and looking towards the future, we need our youth not only engaged but knowing that their voice is important.


Historically, our sport has been slow in recognising and acting upon its’ members needs.  This initiative is one of our responses to changing this.  We have an active Technical Panel in our region that reports to the Board.  Our region is looking to further strengthen our understanding of our members’ needs by engaging youth in a systematic and formalised programme to deliver improved services leading to enhanced results for all members.


Through active volunteering, the Youth Ambassador Programme will allow SQBD to include the voice of youth in its work and contribute to achieving all aspects of our mission and strategic plan.   Further, it will empower youth to truly make a difference to our sport in our region.  We are hopeful that this programme will be successful and lead to a rollout across the state and nation.


Our two (2) selected Youth Ambassadors for 2023, will be required to speak on behalf of their peer group, and so will need the ability to collect and interpret peer information and feedback received, consider solutions or minimisation strategies to address any issues, or steps to appropriately acknowledge success.  Further, they will be charged with using their experience, talent, and title to reach youth members across our region, giving them a voice in our community.  These Youth Ambassadors will become the face of our sport for 2023 and 2024.


Through a one-year Youth Ambassador position in our region, young people have the opportunity to work on youth participation, development, and engagement projects that make a difference for every youth member.  This role is not just about participation, development, and engagement, it is also about representing our region and sport with pride and striving to make a difference for both our members and the future of our sport.


The Programme will provide participants with opportunities for self-development with access to workshops and conferences, leadership coaching and mentoring sessions, and engagement with the wider public.  This Programme has been designed to not only provide youth voice to our members but to provide support structures to help our Youth Ambassadors be the best version of themselves that they can be.


All members of the SQBD Youth Committee will be required to create, film and star in SQBD Media and Videography over the course of their tenure that will be used in marketing collateral, website and social media.


Eligibility Criteria:

* Must be aged between 12 and 20

* Must have represented SQBD Sharks in 2021 or 2022

* Must have demonstrated commitment to our sport and region

* Must have demonstrated commitment to volunteering activities

* Must be willing to commit to all aspects of the Programme

Expression of Interest NOW CLOSED.

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