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Sharks Day 1 Report - NYC 2020

The South Queensland Sharks had a great first day on and off the field at the 2020 National Youth Championships being held at Kawana, Sunshine Coast. The entire team enjoyed being back in action against strong opposition from across Queensland in ideal weather and playing conditions despite some difficulties with heat and injury management as we return to representative touch football. Lots of fun was had and plenty of smiles on faces as we prepare for a big day 2! See below for day 1 results and reports from our Assistant Coaches.

12 Boys

  • Win vs CQ Bulls 9 – 2

  • Win vs SWQ Swans 7 – 2

  • Win vs SC Pineapples 10 – 4

Cracker first day from the 12 boys, came out and set a statement against CQ with a strong 9-2 win. Followed by a slow start but grinding out a 7-2 win against Swans. Finishing the day with a scrappy 10-4 victory over Sunny a Coast. Big day ahead tomorrow with top of the table clash at 11:20 on field 2 against Brisbane Cobras! #sharkbaitwhuharhar

12 Girls

  • Win vs SC Pineapples 13 – 0

  • Win vs SWQ Swans 4 – 1

It was an awesome start for the u12 A team with a 13-0 win over the Pineapples. With star winger, Mia scoring 4 tries and one of our captains, Jesse scoring a hat trick! All round the girls showed some great skills and and an even better attitude. Game 2 was always going to be tough coming up against the team who knocked us off in a drop off last year in the semi final. However, despite the midday heat, the girls pushed through to get over swans 4-1! Hooray!

12 Girls Development

  • Loss vs BC Cobras 2 – 5

  • Win vs SWQ Swans 4 – 1

  • Loss vs CQ Bulls 1 – 7

The 12 Girls development side started the day with a 5-2 defeat to cobras however played with 100% effort. The second game was a 4-1 win against Swans and the girls’ defence was out of sight! The third game was a hard fought game, with the Sharks going down 7-1 to Bulls. Very proud of all players efforts today and everyone had so much FUN! Well done girls.

14 Boys

  • Loss vs CQ Bulls 2 – 4

  • Win vs SWQ Swans 9 – 2

  • Win vs BC Cobras 7 – 5

Good day for the Sharks 14 boys. Slow start finding their feet with a 4-2 loss to CQ bulls but came back strong in a convincing win over Swans 9-2.

Their third game saw another extremely high penalty count against our boys by referees who previously reffed the CQ game, but we managed to pull through with a 7-5 win against the Brisbane Cobras. Bring on day 2!!

14 Girls

  • Loss vs BC Cobras 2 – 9

  • Draw vs NQ Cyclones 4 – 4

One Loss and one Draw for the 14’s Girls on day one. Started the day against a very strong Cobras team who came out and ran hard all game to really set the standard for our girls with their level of play. Second game was a hard fought match against NQ where both teams went back and forth in the heat. The potential of our team is yet to be seen despite some great efforts. We are looking forward to a fresh start in the morning to aim for a top 4 finish.

14 Girls Development

  • Win vs SC Pineapples 7 – 1

  • Loss vs BC Cobras 2 – 6

  • Loss vs CQ Bulls 1 – 11

First up we had the Pineapple’s and came out with a 7-1 win - great first hit out - team confidence grew throughout the game - vs Cobras 2-6 loss - was a fast and physical game - team responded well to our input re:stronger defence and more go forward - much tighter game than score line shows and we were very happy with effort here. Game 3 vs CQ 1-11 loss, the girls tried hard to compete but credit to a disciplined CQ Bulls team whose fitness and relentlessness was very impressive. We are very happy with the girl’s attitude and are looking forward to day 2!

16 Boys

  • Win vs BC Cobras 12 – 4

  • Win vs SWQ Swans 11 – 4

Solid first day for the 16’s boys who played well for the most part. Coaches are hoping for more consistency across the full 40 minutes of matches but we are excited for what the boys have the potential to achieve through the rest of the tournament if they keep working hard.

16 Girls

  • Win vs SC Pineapples 11 – 4

  • Win NQ Cyclones 8 – 2

16’s Girls had a late start compared to most with their first game at 3:30pm. We had a slow start in first game but finished with an 11-4 win over pineapples. Second game on main field things started to click and had a win over cyclones 8-2. Building well for day 2!

18 Boys

  • Win vs SWQ Swans 8 – 5

  • Win vs BC Cobras 10 – 5

  • Win vs SC Pineapples 9 – 2

Inconsistent first day from the 18’s Boys despite getting three wins for the day. We haven’t fully hit our straps yet but looking in really good shape for the rest of the tournament! 8-5 in the first game over swans after a slow start, 10-5 over Cobras in the second, just dominating them and finished off with a well played 9-2 over Sunny Coast.

18 Girls

  • Win vs SC Pineapples 12 – 2

  • Win vs CQ Bulls 8 – 5

The 18 Girls played the Sunshine Coast Pineapples first up and got into their work with little fuss. They scored some nice team tries and ran out winners 12-2. In the second game against CQ Bulls the girls were down 2-4 at halftime. After a little pep talk from their coach the girls awoke from their slumber running out winners 8-5. I guess you can say it was a game of two halves!

Overall an excellent start to the campaign by the girls. All in good spirits and no injuries to report. Now if we can just get them off their phones!


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