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Changes at Board Level for South Queensland Sharks

Flashback to Frank and Steve at NTL 2010

Sharks life members and long-time board members Frank Bondolfi and Steve Watterson both stepped down from the board recently. Frank and Steve have been tremendous servants to South Queensland touch for many years and have helped the region become a true stronghold of the sport in Australia.

“Frank and Steve have both been long time servants to the sport who have been incredibly selfless in their dedication and commitment to our region,” South Queensland Sharks President Mat Gilbertson said. “They have put the region first over a number of years taking every opportunity to represent Sharks and have been wonderful people to work with.”

At the recent Annual General Meeting for South Queensland Border Districts Touch Football Leigh-Ann Wilson of Northern Gold Coast Touch Football joined the board. Mathew Gilbertson was voted in to remain as president of the board. This follows the recent appointment of John Morris from Gold Coast Touch to the Sharks board.

“After considering joining our board for the past year, I finally made the decision to go for it,” said Leigh-Ann Wilson of her appointment to the Sharks board. "Having been a part of not only our touch community, but many community groups over the years I’m looking forward to being a part of an open and transparent team ready to take our region forward. I’m super excited that together we will achieve big things.”


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