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2024 NTL SQ Sharks Participant Feedback

With approximately 250 participants from South Queensland Sharks in attendance at the 2024 National Touch League, "The Championships", we once again demonstrated that South Queensland Sharks are a force to be reckoned with, finishing 2nd overall behind Sydney Scorpions who were successful in finishing as winning entity. Our congratulations goes out to them.

For us, we finished national champions in the Men's 40s, Men's 50s and Men's 60s. Our previous news article about NTLs provides more information about how each individual team went. This article can be found here: 2024 National Touch League - The Championships (

Below is a summary of the feedback provided by participants: Coaches, Managers, Players. We want you to know that we are listening and will work towards providing an even better experience for all South Queensland Sharks participants in 2025.


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