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2024 Gold Coast Schools Cup

The School Cups have been established by South Queensland & Border Districts (SQBD) Touch to provide students in their respective local areas with the opportunity to practice what they are learning at school within game scenarios in the lead-up to both the South Queensland All Schools and the Gold Coast Titans All Schools.

We all know the importance of practice and application of skills, and so we wanted to ensure we were providing more opportunities for students to achieve greater success.

Shout out to Gold Coast Touch Association for hosting this event for the second consecutive year. You guys are awesome!!!

Thank you to all schools involved. We saw some incredible skills from a range of players and teams across the day and know that many went home having been involved in a fun day of touch football.

Congratulations to all of our division champions!!!

Our division champions will receive FREE entry into the South Queensland All Schools as a result of their efforts and success at this event.

We look forward to Logan Schools Cup Secondary next week and Logan Schools Cup Primary the week after.


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