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The 2023 NTL's had it all for our representative referees ... from injury through Level 5 and Level 6 Upgrades to Semi and Grand Final Appointments.

For the first time in Sharks history, EVERY referee who represented the Sharks who was going for upgrade was successful. We would like to publicly identify and thank the efforts of our Director of Referees, Lee Rossow, and his Regional Team of Referee Leaders for their work in supporting the development of referees over the last few years. This has certainly helped deliver better outcomes to games across our region but also ensure success for referees attending National events. We are looking forward to their next step in returning and giving back to their fellow referees. Let's share our learning and experience with each other to support the game we love so much. Together we are stronger!!!

Congratulations to the following referees on their success at NTLs:

M20 Grand Final - Matt Lavery (National Open Ranking = 9)

W45 Grand Final - Lee Rossow (National Senior Ranking = 12)

M50 Semi Final - Neil O'Brien (and 10-Year National Service Recognition Award)

Level 6 Open - Levi Yeaman (also achieving W45 SF & AAT1 GF)

Level 6 Senior - Damien Miller (and WO P/O)

Level 5 Open - Matthew Sheppard (and MO P/O)

Level 5 Senior - John Camilleri (and WO P/O)

Level 5 Senior - Rebecca Buzacott (and WO P/O)

Unfortunately, Mark Tewkesbury and David Lowth sustained injuries during the tournament, preventing them from achieving Semi or Grand Finals.

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