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What an incredible performance by our players and coaches ... 2023NYC ... a year to be reckoned with.

South Queensland Sharks Touch would like to acknowledge the time and commitment from all families, players, coaching teams, staff and supporters in assisting us to be so successful at this years' NYC.

2023 NYC Champion Entity - South Queensland Sharks

Division Champions:

16 Boys

16 Girls

14 Girls

12 Girls


14 Boys

Shout out to all other teams, parents and referees. We couldn't have had the level of success without the commitment of all of you.

We would like to make special mention to Tour Leader, Lee Rossow and thank him for his commitment to our region in not only being Tour Leader but also being a Manager and Referee at this event. Thank you to all of our other referees. We greatly respect your efforts in officiating games and are grateful for your support of this event. Without you, we would not be able to provide these opportunities to our players.

Thank you to Jett Smith and Lauren Avsec for your support as Assistant Tour Leaders, to the FitLab for your services and support as medics in keeping our players on the field and playing well.

Shout out to our MVPs: 12 Girls A: Tamaku Kelly 12 Girls Development: Pippa Cook 12 Boys A: Harlen Strugnell 12 Boys Development: George McLeod 14 Girls A: Harper Eldridge 14 Girls Development: Annie Leigh 14 Boys A: Cruz Cruickshank 14 Boys Development: Jordan Ferguson 16 Girls: Lacy McLaren 16 Boys: Tyler Erickson 18 Girls: Lauren Johnston 18 Boys: Ky Ford

As our success was so great, it was testiment to EVERYONE involved that we were able to leave as this years' NATIONAL CHAMPION ENTITY.

Thank you again for all of your efforts. It is great to be back where we belong; at the top of the leaderboard.


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